The Big Rigs
Handcrafted of pine, birch and maple from local sawmills and recycled lumber. The trucks are assembled with friendly materials:
wooden pegs and glue, so there are no metal parts or screws to worry about, and each Knockabout Toy Truck is protected using a
water-based, child safe finish.
The 18 Wheeler
The standard Big Rig for moving heavy cargo, the Eighteen Wheeler is the basis of many over the road shipping companies. Features include: detachable trailer with an open back for cargo loading, maple wheels, side mounted wooden fuel tanks and sleeper cab.
The Eighteen Wheeler measures 27" L x 5" W x 7" H.
Construction Set $185.00
The Lowboy Trailer set is designed to transport the Steamroller to the job site, or use it transport other toys. Features include: a solid wooden tractor with sleeper cab, maple wheels, a detachable low boy trailer and a steamroller.
The Lowboy Trailer measures 32"L x 5"w x 5"H.
The Flatbed Truck
Load up your favorite toys on this one and drive it to the job site. This heavy mover will move items too big for the Eighteen Wheeler or the Logging Truck. The Flatbed Truck features include: a solid wood tractor complete with sleeper cab, maple wheels, and a detachable flatbed trailer.
The Flatbed Truck measures 25"L x 5"W x 5-1/2"H.
The Logging Truck
Just like the ones you see on Northern Maine roads. Used to haul all types of cargo, from lumber and pipe to Christmas Trees. Logging Trucks handle it all. Features include: solid wood construction, maple wheels, and a detachable log trailer.
The Logging Truck measures 25"L x 5"W x 6-1/2"H.
Knockabout Toys
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